Eri Hanae
Name Eri Hanae
Romaji Hanae Eri
Age 15
Gender Female
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Eri Hanae is Kimito's childhood friend. She is an in-universe voice actress.

Appearance Edit

Eri is a teenage girl of average height with long black hair tied into a ponytail.

Personality Edit

Eri is complex girl who had a bad experience with bullies, due to her voice. She found comfort in Kimito Kagurazaka who told her she can be a voice actress.

After her role

She developed feelings for him, though because she misunderstood him she wanted to have him solely for herself which caused her to lie and spread rumors about him being homosexual or that she is his girlfriend. Eri's possessiveness to Kimito brought forth disastrous results since it led to his inducement at an all girls school. She missed Kimito and was unaware that it was her own actions that led to his transfer to another school and caused her to look for him.

She is mean.

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