Hakua Shiodome
Name Hakua Shiodome
Romaji Shiodome Hakua
Age 14
Gender Female
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Hakua Shiodome is an autistic 14-year-old, second year middle school student at Seikain Jogakkou. She is a genius in fields such as engineering, math, and science, and there was even a special lab built specifically for her use at the academy.

Appearance Edit

Hakua is a 14-year-old girl who is very small, commonly mistaken to be an elementary student from her looks. Her outfit usually consists of a white, long-loose sleeved button up with lace at the top, with a string tied in a bow, along with a murky purple skirt that is rather short, with white fold over socks that have lace on them. Her hair is a silver-white with a blue tint to it, with bright blue eyes to match. In the anime, she is also shown to have silver-white eyelashes that match the color of her hair.

Personality Edit

Hakua is a quiet girl who doesn't say much and usually has a blank expression. She opens up to Kimito who she is usually sitting with, meaning she formed an attachment to him.

While she seemed to be uninterested with the other girls trying to befriend her, she tells her maid that they are her other friends, which touched them.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Kimito KagurazakaEdit

Kimito us one of the first people that Hakua opens up to and she is often seen sitting in his lap. Kimito appears to not know Hakua is around his age as he doesn't protest to her sitting with him

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