Kimito Kagurazaka
Name Kimito Kagurazaka
Japanese Name 神楽坂 公人
Romaji Kagurazaka Kimito
Age 15
Gender Male
Weight 258
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Atsushi Tamaru
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Kimito Kagurazaka is a 15-year-old, first-year high school student when he is abducted and taken to Seikain Jogakkou, a secluded and highly secretive school for "Ojou-samas," or young women from wealthy and influential families.

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Kimito is average height, with brown eyes and messy, short black hair. He is most often seen with a blazer with a blue tie. He makes a variety of expressions, ranging from a casual smile to belligerence. He is to summarize "average"

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