Miyuki Kujou
Name Miyuki Kujou
Romaji Kujo Miyuki
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Miyuki Kujou is a head maid and the personal maid that has been assigned foMiyuki knows Kimito because he switched places with her older brother when they were young to comprehend each other's worlds, and she becomes attracted to him. After switching back; however, Kimito developed a terrible fever which causes him to lose the memories of the events. Soon, Kimito dreams of his past enough to remember Miyuki, having her smile again in a long time.r Kimito.

Appearance Edit

She has plain, short black hair, cut in slanted bangs. She wears the normal maids outfit.

Personality Edit

☀She is a very sadistic person, often carries out severe punishment whenever Kimito commits a blunder, yet she secretly kisses him in the morning to wake him up. She suspects that kimito is faking the fetish for muscles. As far as Kimito is concerned, she could be considered a Major Tsundere. She often click her tongue.

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Relationships Edit

She is kimito's personal maid. She is also one of the top maids at the academy, but surprisingly is the heir to a wealthy prestigious family. Though deep inside, she cares for Kimito as if he's as her brother. Edit

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