Reiko Arisugawa
Name Reiko Arisugawa
Romaji Arisugawa Reiko
Age 15
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Reiko Arisugawa is a highly respected and influential member of Kimito's class at Seikain Jogakkou. She acts as the representative of the first year high school students, and welcomes Kimito after he first arrives at the academy.

Appearance Edit

She has long, elegant blonde hair with a small white flower clip and turquoise eyes. Her uniform is the normal Seikain outfit with tall stockings.

Personality Edit

She has a really posh voice and way of acting. All her little mannerisms are really refined and polite and she acts like a little princess. She appears to have feelings for Kimito. It is hinted of this in episode 3, and confirmed in episode 4 of the anime

Plot Edit

The plot mainly focuses on her, Aika and Kimito getting along together through different situations.

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